Soundscape and noise observatory of Greater Lyon
Bandeau Acoucité

Results of the study “Containment COVID-19: impact on the noise environment”.

In order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic, the French government announced in a televised statement the closure of schools, colleges, high schools and universities from Monday 16 March and for an indefinite period. Subsequently, in a speech on 16 March at 8 p.m., a tightening of the measures was decreed with, among other things, a strong restriction on the movement of individuals from Tuesday 17 March at 12 noon.

Acoucité, knowing the impact that these actions can have in terms of the noise environment, has closely followed the results of noise level measurements of the permanent network of the Metropolis of Lyon, as well as the observatories of its partner agglomerations.

Preliminary results were provided after the first weeks of confinement, separately for the Metropolis of Lyon and the observatories of Acoucité‘s partner agglomerations.

This updated document takes into account the period of confinement as well as the first two weeks of deconfinement. You will also find the answers to the survey on sound perception that we proposed.