Soundscape and noise observatory of Greater Lyon
Bandeau Acoucité

Hosanna project

This research project consists among other things in testing new natural acoustic solutions, vegetated or made of recycled materials with the aim of reducing the impact of urban noise pollution.  In a second step, a laboratory experimentation (in partnership with the University of Stockholm and the CSTB) should approve the results from recordings, made on the experiment site (March-April 2011 in Lyon)

What influence can a vegetated barrier with a structure made of recycled materials have on the perception of traffic noise ?

What is the perceived and measured contribution of this type of equipment ?

HOSANNA means Holistic and sustainable abatement of noise by optimized combinations of natural and artificial means.

Greater Lyon and Europe (LIFE program) provided their support to the project.

The PDF report (in French) contains the results of the measures and the parallel investigation.

Other informations can be found on the site of the HOSANNA project: