Soundscape and noise observatory of Greater Lyon
Bandeau Acoucité


HARMOnised Noise Information for Citizens and Authorities

This project is a partnership between Acoucité and Bruitparif in the context of European research program Life+.


The goal of this project is to show the contribution to create a normalized noise index for the public and the public authorities. This index results from measurements and is published on a common web portal Its use should improve the efficiency of the EU policies on environmental noise management.

Context and issues

European directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise serves as a base for this project. One specific requirement of the directive is the creation of noise maps with modelling tools  in order to establish a first diagnosis of the sound situation. In addition to noise maps, sound measurements refine the diagnosis and specify the contributions of each sound source.

Both of these kind of information serve as decision-making supports for the regional and local authorities. In the context of multi-exposure to pollutants, it consists of helping them to prioritize actions to set up and to identify, preserve or create quiet spots on their respective territory.


General objectives are:

  • Provide an easy access to information on the sound environment situation for the public and local and regional authorities
  • Make this information understandable
  • Harmonize methods and means in order to compare the different territories and assess the noise mitigation actions

Project duration

Harmonica project took place during 40 months, from the 1rst October 2011 to the 31th December 2014.

Total cost

The total project amount is about one million Euros (50% supported by funding Life+).


Greater Lyon and the agglomeration of Paris were the test sites of the project.

Project website

Download the synthesis of the project (in French)