Soundscape and noise observatory of Greater Lyon
Bandeau Acoucité

European project MONICA

Projet MonicaMonica, during public large scale open-air events, aims to:

  • inform the spectators in real-time on their safety and their noise exposure;
  • mitigate noise disturbance for the neighbourhood through better sound and flow control;
  • contribute to enhance the sound quality of open-air events.

The objective of this project is to create an information and awareness platform, based from the use of IoT-enabled devices, in collaboration with the visitors of cultural events and the neighbours. The final objective is to propose useful solutions for the dual problem of attractiveness (city’s point of view) and disturbances (neighbourhood’s point of view). Main objectives of this project are thus:

  • Develop a cloud-based platform capable of handling a large amount of simultaneous data from connected users,
  • Give the possibility to integrate the data to other existing Smart City platforms,
  • Develop, deploy and demonstrate the interest of using IoT-enabled devices mainly for security and noise applications in large cultural events in the city,
  • Contribute to promote and maintain significant elements of the European culture.

Several services will be proposed: information on noise exposure, security announcements and user feedbacks on smartphone through harmonised applications…

At the end, the developed applications can be deployed in various environments such as airports, traffic arteries or construction sites in order to give better information to the population. Thus, the project beneficiaries will be the visitors, organisers and neighbours of public events.

In order to set up the protocol and validate the developed solutions, at least one event in Greater Lyon should be involved among the following major events: Fête des Lumières, Nuits Sonores, Concerts du Jardin des Chartreux, Nuits de Fourvière, WOODSTOWER, Biennale de la Danse, Invites de Villeurbanne, Match au Grand Stade, 24 heures de l’INSA…

In one hand, this project will bring benefits for public health for the visitors and the neighbourhood and on the other hand, enhanced image and efficiency for the organisers.

This project developed over 3 years (from January 2017 to December 2019), furthermore integrates an approach to questions about data security, data privacy, legislation and ethics. These problems perfectly match the issues handled by the city of Lyon and Greater Lyon.

A first kick-off meeting with the local partners, the local authorities of Turin (Italy) and the project leader, Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), was already held in March, the 7th.