Soundscape and noise observatory of Greater Lyon
Bandeau Acoucité

Acoustic studies and mobile laboratory

In parallel with the permanent noise measurement network, acoustic measurements are occasionally performed by Acoucité, following a specific problematic (better knowledge of the territory, town-planning monitoring, preliminary study before the deployment of a permanent beacon, specific request of a territory district…).

Two equipment types are then deployed:

  • Integrative sound level meters of class 1 or 2 (and depending on the configuration: 1/3 octave measurement, sound recordings…)
  • A mobile laboratory to measure sound levels. It is an electric car with sound measurement equipments, a pole allowing to position a microphone until 4 meters above the ground and solar panels providing a total energy autonomy for the measurement system. Operating since 2014, its missions are to improve and enrich the knowledge of the Greater Lyon territory, in addition to the noise maps modelling.