Soundscape and noise observatory of Greater Lyon
Bandeau Acoucité

GIpSyNOISE software

A GIS tool adapted to the objectives of the European directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise

European project LIFE Environment, GIpSyNOISE aims to develop a decision support tool to achieve three different but complementary objectives :

  • be in accordance with the European directive 2002/49/EC in partnership with the implied local European authorities,
  • integrate the needs of town decision-makers/managers in charge of definition of action plans  improving the living environment and information of the citizens,
  • simple and friendly use for users non familiar with acoustics/computing, based on a Geographic Information System (GIS).

The project went from 2002 to 2005.

After the project, Acoucité continues the development and the adaptation of the tool and regularly published methodological guides to help to produce noise maps in accordance with the European directive (ex: how to produce noise maps for the studies of quiet zones or industrial noise).