Soundscape and noise observatory of Greater Lyon
Bandeau Acoucité


An issue for the city

Set of physical (measurement, analysis) and sociological (surveys) studies, the sound observatory is used as a management and decision aid tool for elected representatives and local technicians.

Major concern of the citizens, the noise needs an urgent and adequate treatment from the regional and local authorities.

The mastery of sound environment is a sign of quality of the city’s management.

In the context of the city, complex by nature, the action on sound environment needs the use of several disciplines in the fields of engineering science, town planning and human science.

The mastery of urban noise is a factor of comfort and contributes to the health policy of the city.

In response, acoucité sets itself several goals:

  • Pool the capabilities in urban sound environment
  • Promote access to research and development for the local authorities
  • Help elected representatives and officials to express their needs
  • Inform elected representatives and decision-makers on their current responsibility and means of action
  • Train local technicians to methods dealing with noise issues