Soundscape and noise observatory of Greater Lyon
Bandeau Acoucité

2008 – Complementarity between noises and perception survey

Complementarity between noise monitoring, noise mapping, noise recording and perception survey

International journey of mobility acoustics, 28-28 august 2008, Escola politecnica, Sao PAULO, Brasil – B. VINCENT, J. LAMBERT

Greater Lyon, acoucité and IFSTTAR (formely INRETS) are partners in several major projects aimed to promote the integration of the sound dimension in urban planning.

The European GIpSyNOISE project (mapping tool meeting the objectives of the European Directive of June, 2002) as well as the development of a permanent noise monitoring network in the city of Lyon (France), address this issue. One of the main concerns is to make these notions, these methods and the results they provide, comprehensible by the general public.

This paper reports the connection between these various complementary tools (measures and noise mapping). The institutional approach, which prevailed in their application, is also developed. Effectively, all the methods of environmental diagnosis need important work prior to partnerships between the various local organizations that hold the information necessary to make the diagnosis, with those in charge of its realization, then with those in charge of the implementation of the action plans and finally with those competent in broadcasting the information.

This paper addresses the issue of the complementarity between noise measurement and noise mapping which are two inseparable approaches for carrying out of a noise diagnosis, particularly when this diagnosis is expected to be presented to the public and used by multiple actors from different scientific and technical backgrounds. An analysis of the data collected up to know (permanent noise measurement and noise mapping, crossed with social survey data) clearly shows the benefits from these complementary approaches : each method provides complementary information.

Finally this paper addresses the ways of informing the public, as well as the connection between the various actors involved in the management of a same urban area, from the experience gained relating to Greater Lyon and strengthened by the European partnerships within the frame of the GIpSyNOISE project.

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